There are many excellent resources for parents, family, friends and caregivers of children and teens with cancer. Some of the most comprehensive resources are listed below. We hope this information will help newly diagnosed families, children on active treatment and survivors, as well as families facing or dealing with the death of their child.

For newly diagnosed families
A one-stop center for parents of children with cancer written by parents facing the same situation.
Excellent books by the parent of a childhood cancer survivor on childhood leukemia, solid tumors, survivorship, clinical trials and more. These books are a must for families, friends and caregivers.
Your gateway to the most recent and accurate cancer information from the National Cancer Institute.
A national organization representing parents and children through support and advocacy. ACCO offers comprehensive information on clinical trials, recent publications and affiliations with local support groups across the country.
Finding cures for children with catastrophic illnesses through research and treatment. Includes important information on survivorship and life post-treatment.

Bereavement and grief counseling
Self-help support organization which offers friendship and support to families who are grieving the death of a child.

A private online support group for parents of children who have died from cancer. The group, is a safe place to talk about feelings and grief. Gigi Thorsen, the founder of both DaybyDay and Gold Ribbons, says, "We talk about our kids, we cry, we laugh, we help each other." To join, send her an email at