About Us

Who We Are

Rock Against Cancer started in 1999 to bring music and music therapy to young cancer patients, easing their long and painful journey through treatment. Informed by her youngest son Gabe’s experience with leukemia, Dr. Lisa White saw firsthand the power of music to comfort children, reducing anxiety, nausea and pain during treatment. After their own ordeal, Gabe’s family and friends resolved to bring the healing power of music to all children battling cancer.

What We Do

Rock Against Cancer’s unique approach combines the expertise of Board Certified Music Therapists, Child Life specialists, community leaders, and families of kids who have survived cancer. RAC helps to humanize the treatment process for children and teens, making them feel cherished, respected and more at ease. We want to remind everyone they are kids first and patients second. We fund Music Therapists at Children’s Oncology Group hospitals across the country, organize concert outings for patients and provide the gift of music to children too sick to leave the hospital.


Additionally, RAC advocates for young cancer patients, helping to garner public awareness and increase research funding. RAC actively lobbies elected officials and participates in National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month activities throughout September. RAC’s ultimate goal is to support and encourage the youngest cancer survivors in addition to honoring those who have been lost.